Shayne and I Show

Shayne and I Show

Welcome to the Shayne and I Podcast Where Shayne A sarcastic heavy metal coffee loving old dude and His best friend Max a married 30 something dog and cat owner discuss a grab bag of topics you never know what you'll get from episode to episode and that part of the fun and our charm it's a podcast about nothing that makes you think of something

Recent Episodes

Don't Do Drugs

May 21, 2023

With the Month of May being Mental health awareness month Shayne and Max have a discussion about Alcoholism and Drug addiction With humor and direct experience they talk about The issues surrounding it


May 10, 2023

Shayne and Max really discuss a grab bag of topics on this episode! Topics include Shaynes dating life , Back to the future 2023 , Who is the Best Star Trek Captain and Getting actors names wrong..

The Rise Of The Machines

April 26, 2023

Join us today as Shayne and Max talk about how a Bruce Springsteen song can possibly cause the Rise of the Machines

This One Is Light And Fluffy

April 16, 2023

Today the guys try and keep the mood of the podcast light and Fluffy ..Do they succeed?Listen and find out !We had a technical error at the 26 minute mark wich cut off this episode a little early


March 22, 2023

Max and I were having a relatively light conversation through the first half of this episode And we wound up in a conversation about a stabbing that took place at a local high-school in our area we also talk about how teache…


March 1, 2023

Being in your twenties is rough But never fear Shayne and Max are here to guide you through it!

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Update & NEW EPISODE 11 15 21

Hey Welcome to We're A podcast obviously that releases episode's every two weekish I used the ish there because sometimes it's longer or shorter depending on stuff  We will be releasing a new episode Monday 11 15 21 and wit…