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Fun show

Fun show with always-changing topics!

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Solid podcast that keeps it entertaining & fun from start to finish. Definitely take a listen! - #ODPHpod

Seinfeld in podcast form

What was Seinfeld about? Who cares? It was funny! Shayne and Max are like that in podcast form. Love the meandering topics. It’s always fun wandering topics with them. Also, Shayne has the best voice.

A podcast about nothing that makes you think something!

These two unapologetically jump from one topic to the next with a comic banter that makes you laugh! Despite show notes, I listen with anticipation, wondering what exactly they're about to discuss next with their no-holds-barred style! Check them out!

My new fav podcast

These two smart ladies are on point. Great work!

Absolutely adore you two!

If you don’t like this show you need to get a better sick sense of humor!

Awesome !!

It's great Show

Love it!!

I’m so happy I found your podcast!! It’s the best !


I’m really enjoying this podcast. I want more

Best true crime podcast!

Love you guys. I think I’ve listened to every episode, if not it’s close lol.

Love it



I love it


The best of comedy Podcast